The Stanley

The timber has been retrieved from the Cann River region on the Victorian and New South Wales boarder and is extremely old. Air dried in an old shed for many years this timber is extremely rare because of the abundance of “fiddle back” feature.
Certainly a piece for a true timber lover/or and collector!

(L) 2800mm x (W) 1200mm x (H) 760mm

Type of Timber
35mm Solid Shining Gum timber featuring an absurd amount of “fiddle back” feature.

Type of Joinery
Each board used to form the tabletop has been tenoned using a flexible, durable glue.

3 x coats clear lacquer. Hand buffered wax.

Notes: The table top has been constructed using only two pieces of timber. That is 2 x single slabs have been joined together creating a book matched effect.

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