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Christian Cole Furniture designs and hand makes solid timber furniture and architectural joinery using 100% recycled timber or timber sourced from sustainable commercial plantations from around the world. Everything is made in our Melbourne factory.

Each piece is hand crafted using age-old techniques such as Mortice and Tenon Joints and Dovetail Joints contributing to its longevity and creating a valuable piece to be passed onto generations to come. Timber architectural joinery is a very worthwhile investment, greatly enhancing the feel and value of your home or workspace.

Christian – a qualified Cabinet and Furniture Maker – completed his apprenticeship in 1994 specialising in the construction of solid timber kitchens. He then spent 2 years in the construction industry fitting out large commercial projects. Christian Cole Furniture was established in 2000 now has a loyal following around Australia and abroad.

Pieces can be purchased directly from our existing furniture stock on display at our factory/showroom, alternatively have a piece custom made. We will work attentively with you to design a one off piece to meet your design, size and colour requirements.

Explore the artisanal prowess of the renowned furniture maker in Melbourne

“I absolutely love what I do so when a customer acknowledges the work I have put into their piece I feel great! I have a great relationship with many of my customers because I’ve made them a number of pieces over the years. Most people know what they want and they want it done perfectly. They can’t make it themselves so they have to rely on me. I look after them.”
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Christian Cole Furniture Designer
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