• The Hollis Stools

    The Hollis Stools

    The Hollis Stools have been hand made using recycled Messmate timber. A number of pieces of timber are laminated into a block using premium resin glues and once dried they are professionally hand turned by one of Melbourne’s leading wood turners. They have a number of uses from seating to side tables. They make a useful addition to a bathroom or a stool to stand on.

    Type of Timber
    Recycled Messmate.

    3 x coats clear 2-Pac lacquer. 0% gloss. Non-toxic & Non-yellowing.

    (W) 300-400mm (H) 500mm

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  • Tractor Seat Stool

    Tractor Seat Stool

    Designed to be comfortable and light to move this solid timber stool has been constructed to last a life time. Numerous traditional joinery techniques have been employed in the construction of these stools. Featured in Channel 9 The Block numerous times these stools compliment any home decor.

    As featured in Vogue Living, The Block’s producer Julian Cress’ stunning kitchen designed by Darren Palmer.

    Available with fixed or swivel seat.

    3 x coats clear acrylic finish. ( Non-toxic & Non- yellowing).

    Type of Timber
    Featured in Recycled Messmate. Available in a variety of timbers.

    These stools are designed for standard bench top height. They can be customised to any specifications.

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  • The Nicole Chair

    The Nicole Chair

    An extremely comfortable design that’s simple and light weight yet super sturdy. Each components been individually hand cut on the band saw and joined using tenons & a superior resin glue thus ensuring maximum adhesion for each joint. Curved back lumbar. Superior upholstery using premium supportive foam and high quality Aniline leather. (Black). Hand piped edges.

    This design is available in a variety of timbers and your choice of leather or fabric.

    Type of Timber
    Imported FSC Certified American White Ash.

    Type of Joinery
    Mortise and Tenon. Vacuum pressed timber. Steam bending.

    3 x coats clear 2-Pac Lacquer (0% gloss). Non- yellowing & Non-Toxic.

    Notes: An extremely labour intensive chair to make.
    The curved back and seat is achieved using vacuum pressed, home made veneer.

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We at Christian Cole Furniture believe that seating should be fashionable as well as practical. Our carefully chosen range of chairs is made to brighten your house and go along with your style.

Absorb Unmatched Comfort

The Chair Nicole: Indulge in The Nicole Chair’s exquisite luxury. This beautifully crafted furniture has quality upholstery for maximum relaxation and a curved back for back support.

Find a perfect stool or chair for transforming your living space by exploring Christian Cole Furniture today! Visit our stores or browse our extensive online collection. Finding the ideal configuration of seats for your needs is something our friendly staff is always happy to help with.

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