The Nicole Chair

An extremely comfortable design that’s simple and light weight yet super sturdy. Each components been individually hand cut on the band saw and joined using tenons & a superior resin glue thus ensuring maximum adhesion for each joint. Curved back lumbar. Superior upholstery using premium supportive foam and high quality Aniline leather. (Black). Hand piped edges.

This design is available in a variety of timbers and your choice of leather or fabric.

Type of Timber
Imported FSC Certified American White Ash.

Type of Joinery
Mortise and Tenon. Vacuum pressed timber. Steam bending.

3 x coats clear 2-Pac Lacquer (0% gloss). Non- yellowing & Non-Toxic.

Notes: An extremely labour intensive chair to make.
The curved back and seat is achieved using vacuum pressed, home made veneer.

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