The Esperance

A fusion of timber and steel this magnificent table showcases numerous angles gracefully balancing its’ solid timber top. The base has been made using a template hand made by Christian. Using this template, one of Melbourne’s most talented steel craftsman meticulously shapes this solid steel base which is then finished using a black charcoal finish.
The oval table top has been crafted using hand selected Imported FSC Certified American Black Walnut. This Grade of Walnut is named Select Select due to it’s high quality i.e., The Best of the Best!
This table has been hand signed and dated by Christian.

Oval (L) 2000mm x (W) up to 1300mm

Type of Timber
Imported FSC Certified American Black Walnut.

3 x coats clear 2-Pac lacquer. (0% gloss). Non-toxic and Non-Yellowing.

Type of Joinery
Floating tenons.

Notes: Due to the base dimensions and design – table top sizes can vary from 2000mm – 2600mm in length and relative oval shape width.

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