Have the kids trashed your timber table?

Timber Table Repair

We really don’t care if the kids have damaged your table! We figure you are lucky to have kids and a table for them to sit around. Besides timber table tops can be repaired whilst time with our loved ones flies in the blink of an eye.

Nothing depicts family better than kids seated around the family table blowing out candles on a birthday cake! Painting sessions with newspaper down but they always spill water and paints or simply get carried away. One of our sons carved his initials in our dining table. We left it there until we sold our table.

You might be like my husband and myself and blame it on the kids when in actual fact it’s us who do most of the damage. Whether it be dragging washing baskets, sewing machines, dropping vases or dancing on the table at 2am after too many drinks with a pair of shoes on, in most instances your table can be repaired!

We now offer a service whereby one of our staff come to your home and sand back your table and re-finish it. Our sanding machine has a built in vacuum system preventing dust from flying everywhere and our finishes are low in odour and non-toxic.

Phone us on 03 9350 3327 or email us at christian@christiancolefurniture.com.au to arrange an inspection or phone consultation.

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