Furniture we’ve supplied to The Block contestants over the years

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After 16 seasons of Channel Nine’s The Block Australia awaits the next season of The Block. In the new Season Fan’s versus Faves – five typical Australian homes, each with their own unique high-points and each with their own challenges are all in the heart of one of Melbourne’s South. It is going to be very exciting!

We at Christian Cole Furniture have had the privilege of not only supplying furniture to numerous contestants over the years on numerous series but also hosting a team of Block Heads for a challenge at our factory. The challenge given to contestants competing in Season 11 “The Block Octagon”. Contestants were asked to make a bed using their own design. Each couple were given a CCF staff member to assistant them. It was a long day and seeing behind the scenes was very exciting. The camera, sound and support staff and producers were the nicest group of people we’ve ever met. They really are like a big family behind the scenes. Very respectful of each other and the roles they each play. Scotty Cam was lots of fun.

Furniture We’ve Supplied To The Block Contestants Over The Years
Scotty and the boys having a “knock off” drink.

We first appeared on the Block for Season 7. We made several items for Madi and Jarrod. A dining table and beautiful storage for their walk in robe. The location for this season was 142 Park Street, South Melbourne. Five levels and each couple fully renovated a whole level. Alisa and Lysandra renovated level 1, Matt and Kim level 2, level 3 was renovated by Bec and George, level 4 was renovated by Madi and Jarrod and level 5 was tackled by Trixie and Johnno.

Furniture We’ve Supplied To The Block Contestants Over The Years
The timber was reclaimed from the Goulburn Wool Stores.
Listen to the judges discussing our bedroom furniture.

Season 10 was “Triple Threat” It was premiered on 27 January 2015 where contestants renovated a former three-level block of flats. Darren & Deanne (season 9), Bec & George and Matt & Kim (both season 7) returned to vie for a spot as contestants. We were lucky enough to supply Darren and Deanne with a dining table, desk and bedside tables.

Darren And Dea Master Bed
American Oak timber mitred bedside tables

The “Block Octogon” Season 11 was a renovation of the former Hotel Saville in South Yarra – an octagonal, eight floor brick building. We went on to make them a dining table for living dining week. Vonnie and Suzie were lots of fun but were fiercely competitive. We constructed a magnificent dining table for living and dining week.

The Block Contestant
The Block Contestants
Yellow Stringy bark timber slab table with Fossilised Redgum inlay work in the splayed legs.

Season 12 was set in an old heritage-listed soap factory. Producers purchased the building for $5 million at 164 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne. In this season 5 couples were set the task of renovating an abandoned building. Carly and Will gave us a call and asked us to make them a special piece for their entry hall. We constructed a stunning mid century sideboard using American Black Walnut. They won their entry hall week.

Furniture We’ve Supplied To The Block Contestants Over The Years
Filming for season 14 kicked off in February 2018. The derelict building named the Gatwick Hotel was purchased by the Producers of The Block and contestants were set an enormous task. This season would prove to be one of the largest Block builds in history. We were lucky enough to get a call from Courtney and Hans, an amazing couple from WA. They were hard working and had a great sense of style and design. We supplied them with a dining table and a magnificent sideboard. They won Living and Dining week. In this season we also made Norm and Jess a very large circular dining table for a challenge.
Furniture We’ve Supplied To The Block Contestants Over The Years
Our team along with Courtney and Hans.
Furniture We’ve Supplied
The Block Contestants Over The Years
Furniture The Block
Season 16 took place in the exclusive bayside suburb of Brighton. Old homes from a variety of different era’s were moved onto vacant blocks of land, side by side in the state street. In March 2020, the season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and the potential risk it could cause to the crew, workers and contestants. After a month the season resumed filming with many Covid Safe practices in place. This season we got a call from Daniel and Jade, a beautiful couple from country S.A. We were asked to assist them with a vision they had for their kitchen. In conjunction with Kinsman kitchens we collaborated and supplied a solid American Walnut timber island bar. The following week we supplied a dining table for living and dining week. They won kitchen week!
Furniture We’ve Supplied The Block
American Walnut timber island bar with in collaboration with Kinsman.
Furniture We’ve Supplied The Block Contestants
Walnut timber with Fossilised Redgum timber inlay.
Furniture We’ve Supplied To The Block Contestants
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