• The Hollis Stools

    The Hollis Stools

    These stools have been hand made using recycled Messmate timber. A number of pieces of timber are laminated into a block using premium resin glues and once dried they are professionally hand turned by one of Melbourne’s leading wood turners. They have a number of uses from seating to side tables. They make a useful addition to a bathroom or a stool to stand on.

    Type of Timber
    Recycled Messmate.

    3 x coats clear 2-Pac lacquer. 0% gloss. Non-toxic & Non-yellowing.

    (W) 300-400mm (H) 500mm

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  • Trestle Tapered Leg Table

    Trestle Tapered Leg Table

    This simple, yet cleverly designed table will seat 8 people. The solid timber legs have been tapered and carefully splayed on a 17deg angle making it very comfortable to sit at. The table top is 20mm thick and each piece of timber comprising the top has been meticulously hand chosen. The timber rails attaching the legs have been fully half housed ensuring optimal strength.

    (L) 2200mm x (W) 1000mm x (H) 750mm

    Type of Timber
    Imported F.S.C. Certified American Walnut.

    Type of Joinery
    Floating tenons, half housing and half housing.

    3 x coats 2 – Pack (clear lacquer).

    Notes: The design lends itself beautifully to any Art Deco or Scandinavian style.

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  • The Yasmine Dining Table

    The Yasmine Dining Table

    This stunning dining table suits a large open plan living area with lots of natural textures, light and space. This contemporary design is super comfortable to sit around and being quite wide additional diners can be seated both ends. Durable finish that’s made for large family gatherings. Slight curved edges make it much safer for little people’s heads!

    Type of Timber
    Recycled Messmate. (Backsawn 280mm wide boards)

    (L) 3000mm x (W) 1250mm x (H) 750mm

    2 x coats clear 2-Pac lacquer. Hand Wax. Non-yellowing & Non-toxic.

    Type of Joinery
    Mitre joints. Floating tenons. Biscuit joins.

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  • The Monique Table

    The Monique Table

    This large 8-seater dining table has been designed for comfort. Large solid timber, post, legs have been inset preventing interference with chairs whilst being seated. The table top features vacuum-pressed, hand-inlayed solid timber parquetry. Herringbone pattern. A very modern design making it the hero piece in any home. This table is hand-signed and dated by Christian Cole.

    (L) 2400mm x (W) 1100mm x (H) 760mm

    Type of Timber
    Imported FSC Certified American Oak.

    Table top: White wash (1/4 strength) with 3 x coats clear 2-Pac Lacquer (0% gloss). Base: Ebony stain with 3 x coats clear 2-Pac Lacquer (0% gloss).

    Type of Joinery
    Mortice and Tenon. Biscuit joins. Floating tenons.

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  • Office Desk And Joinery (Brighton)

    Office Desk And Joinery (Brighton)

    This stunning built in joinery was constructed from imported American Oak timber and stained to the client’s specifications.

    Solid timber throughout, many joinery techniques were employed in manufacturing this large installation.

    Featuring customised antique glass and premium quality hardware, this large piece of cabinetry completed the decor of this magnificent office.

    Then desk was custom built by Christian Cole Furniture.

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  • Riviera Apartments (Richmond)

    Riviera Apartments (Richmond)

    Foyer seating.
    Commissioned by LU Simon Builders Pty Ltd. Design by Bruce Henderson Architects Ptd Ltd.

    Crafted with precision and style, these pieces offer both comfort and sophistication, welcoming guests with timeless elegance. Whether for a luxury hotel lobby or a chic residential entrance, these seating options exude class and refinement, setting the perfect tone for any space. Explore the Riviera Apartments collection today and transform your foyer into a statement of luxury and taste.

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  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Thornbury)

    St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Thornbury)

    Commissioned by St Mary’s Catholic Parish. Designed by Paolo Pianezze Architect.

    St. Mary’s Catholic Church Thornbury, Australia opened in February 1916 by the Archbishop of Melbourne. The architectural design of St. Mary’s is a testament to the Gothic Revival style, with its pointed arches, intricate ornamentation, and majestic spires captivating visitors and parishioners alike.

    In preserving its heritage, St. Mary’s underwent a refurbishment. Commissioned by St Mary’s Catholic Parish. And designed by Paolo Pianezze Architect, Christian Cole Furniture contributed to the restoration of various areas within the building. Solid timber panelling, seating, and cabinetry crafted from American Oak timber were incorporated, employing traditional methods of cabinetry.

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  • Lucia (South Yarra)

    Lucia (South Yarra)

    Lucia – A prestigious development by the LYZ Property Group. Located in Daly Street, South Yarra, Victoria.

    Designed by: Elenberg Fraser Architects.

    Builders: LU Simon Pty Ltd.

    Foyer timber installation constructed by Christian Cole Furniture.

    Timber supplied by Britton Timbers Pty Ltd.

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  • Ferrier Hodgson (Melbourne)

    Ferrier Hodgson (Melbourne)

    Commissioned by Ferrier Hodgson to supply customised solid timber architectural joinery.

    Our collaboration with Ferrier Hodgson in Melbourne exemplifies our commitment to delivering bespoke solid timber architectural joinery of the highest quality. With a blend of traditional techniques and modern design principles, we’ve created exceptional pieces that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of Ferrier Hodgson’s space.

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  • Curved Bedroom Suite

    Curved Bedroom Suite

    Designed by Christian and manufactured by Christian Cole Furniture this beautiful and practical bedroom suite won 1st Prize at the Australian Furniture Association Awards. It was also chosen by Furniture International as “The Best of the Best”.

    Available in all bed sizes.

    Type of Joinery
    Constructed using 30mm thick solid timber, curved finger joins. The drawers are fitted with premium quality push release drawer runners. All natural gum pockets, often have been filled with clear resin.

    3 coats clear lacquer (0% gloss). Hand buffered wax. Other finishes available.

    Type of Timber
    Imported American Walnut. Available in a variety of timbers.

    Notes: The curves on these pieces are achieved using a technique pioneered by Christian Cole Furniture. The results speak for themselves.

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  • Round Butcher’s Block Coffee Table

    Round Butcher’s Block Coffee Table

    The timber, very old hanging beams, was retrieved from a demolished factory. The top of the table beautifully displays the end grain of the timber exhibiting the growth rings of each piece of wood. One of Melbourne’s finest wood turners has turned the shape.

    (Diam) 900mm x (H) 450mm

    Hand applied soap finish.

    Type of Timber:
    Recycled Oregon. Available in a variety of timbers. American Walnut featured.

    Notes: This butcher block table was stolen from the showroom by my wife and is now in our lounge room! We can however make them to order.

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  • The Longstaff Bedside Tables

    The Longstaff Bedside Tables

    This design was a collaboration between Mark and Christian. Featuring mid-century soft curves these bedside tables could also be used as an occasional table. Hand inlayed Ebony timber feature in the drawer fronts and legs. Natural timber drawer runners.

    Type of Timber
    Imported FSC Certified American Oak. Black Ebony.

    Type of Joinery
    Mortise and Tenon. Drawers – Dovetail joins. Floating tenons.

    3 x coats clear 2-Pac lacquer (0% gloss)

    (W) 500mm (D) 500mm (H) 600mm

    Notes: Ebony is a dense black/brown hardwood. It’s very rare and the Ebony featured in theses bedsides is hundreds of years old.

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