The ideal dimensions for dining tables depend on the shape

Dining Table Dimensions

The proper dimensions for dining tables are decided by their design, seating capacity, and the amount of space required for each individual. Here are some general specifications for 6, 8, 10, and 12-seater dining tables in millimetres.

A great idea is to use masking tape to create a measurement for the size of your dining table. Place your chairs around that to get a sense of your area.

Rectangular dining tables:

Length1600 to 1800 mm2100 to 2400 mm2600 to 3000 mm3200 to 3600 mm
Width900 to 1000 mm1000 to 1100 mm1100 to 1200 mm1200 to 1300 mm

Square dining tables

4 -seater8-seater10-seater12-seater
Side length900 to 1000mm1600 to 1700 mm2000 to 2200 mm2400 to 2600 mm

These dimensions give enough space for each guest to sit comfortably while also accommodating dishes and plates. They can, however, be altered according to the available space, chair size, and personal preferences. Don’t forget about the amount of space around the table for chairs and walking – Christian suggests a minimum of 1000-1200mm.

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