Islay Mitred U Based Table With Exposed Tenons

Designed around functionality this beautiful table is comfortable to sit at and versatile allowing additional guests to be seated at each end. The timber has been salvaged from the historic Goulburn Woolstore built during the 2nd World War and demolished in the late 1990’s. The timber has been preserved by the natural lanolin of the wool. We estimate this timber to be over 300 years old.

(L) 3000mm x (W) 1500mm x (H) 750mm

Type of Timber
Recycled Black Butt timber.

Type of Joinery
Mortice and tenon joints and Mitred tenons.

3 x coats Lacquer. Hand buffered wax.

Notes: Floating top joined using floating tenons to prevent any seasonal movement. Durable 2-pack clear coat finish. Able to withstand hot coffee cups etc.


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